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by Suzuki
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Compact and Lightweight with excellent maneuverability

The (DF4A-DF5A-DF6A) brings 4-stroke performance and efficiency to portable outboards. Compact and lightweight, easy to transport and delivering surprising low- and mid-range torque for quick acceleration. Knowing that small portables like to get transported a lot, we set out to design this outboard compact and lightweight to make transporting easier. Not to stop there, we added features that would make its operation easy and more user friendly. Featuring a four-stroke engine, the (insert model name) outboard delivers clean, economical operation, and being made by Suzuki, you know it delivers excellent power, performance, and durability.

Enhanced User-Friendliness
The overhead integral fuel tank and the new lubricating systems allow transport and storage of the outboard on any of three sides (port, starboard, or front) without leakage of fuel or oil.

Because the overhead fuel tank is placed right above the carburettor, it also allows gravity fuel supply, enabling the engine to start instantly right after filling fuel, even after long-term storage. These features have enhanced its user-friendliness as a portable outboard motor.