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The GX700W VHF Marine Radio is a compact communication and safety device.

Waterproof to IPX7, the GX700W is the ideal communication tool for your boating lifestyle whether you’re sailing inland waters or heading offshore.

The compact design makes installation of the GX700W simple and enables installation in locations where space is limited.

The GX700W’s innovative rear microphone input socket enables you to run a 5m or 8m extension cable (available as an optional accessory) from the rear input to a convenient location on the vessel where the waterproof flush mount socket can be installed. The MC616W speaker mic can now be input from this location. By adding the waterproof blanking plug to the front mic input socket, obstruction caused by the mic cable hanging in the skipper’s field of view is eliminated. This setup is ideal for “above windscreen” installations in hard-top vessels.

Clear audio is delivered via the GX700W’s dual speaker system, and can be further enhanced by the addition of the SPK45 extension speaker.

The GX700W’s LCD display features large, easy to read numbers and adjustable brightness. Designed with ease of use in mind, the screen can be read from virtually any angle, day or night.

Dual Watch, Triple Watch and two programmable priority channels provide easy access to regularly used channels. Channel scanning is programmable, making it easy to monitor all important communications. The GX700W comes complete with International, USA and Canadian channel sets making it versatile for use anywhere in the world.

The GX700W’s sleek design will complement the appearance of your vessel and matches perfectly with GME’s 27MHz and Entertainment products.