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A Class Above The Rest

Suzuki’s ability to deliver outstanding power and performance from remarkably compact outboards has brought the company more awards for innovative designs than any other manufacturer in the industry. This was demonstrated with the release of the DF200AP, which provided boaters with a lighter, more compact in-line four-cylinder alternative to V6 power in the 200HP outboard class. The new DF175AP and DF150AP are direct products of the DF200AP and offer the same level of technological and high-end features found on the DF200AP.

Based on the same 2.9-liter "Big Block" in-line four cylinder DOHC engine, the DF175AP and DF150AP both lay claim to the largest displacement title in their respective classes. These outboards also feature a higher 10.2:1 compression ratio that allows the engine to generate more power delivering impressive acceleration and lowend torque.

To maximise performance, each outboard is equipped with a Semi-Direct Intake system to provide the engine with a cooler flow of air, an O2 Sensor to optimise combustion, and Knock Sensor for superior reliability. Other high-end features include Suzuki Selective Rotation, which allows the same engine to operate in either normal or counter-clockwise direction for multi-engine applications, Suzuki Lean Burn Control and Suzuki Precision Control for outstanding fuel economy over a wide operating range and smoother power transitions, and Suzuki’s Keyless Start system, which also acts as an theft deterrent. Both outboards feature new 3D decals and are available in Pearl Nebular Black—our deepest black finish yet—or the modern Cool White letting you pick the body color that looks best on your boat

Big Block—High Performance Engine
The new DF175AP/150AP development team based both of these latest generation Suzuki outboards on a big block inline four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a 2,867cm3 displacement. The block is topped with a DOHC powerhead that provides four-valves per cylinder for high performance. While the large displacement allows both to deliver exceptional acceleration and velocity, our engineers made sure that the outboard’s final dimensions are as compact and lightweight as possible. Both outboards feature some of the best of Suzuki’s advanced technologies that have been developed to extend engine performance.
Suzuki Selective Rotation
Large boats equipped with multi-outboard installations generally pair a standard rotation outboard with a counter-rotation model to keep the boat traveling in a straight line and on an even keel. Once requiring the purchase of a dedicated counter-rotation model, Suzuki’s innovative Suzuki Selective Rotation eliminates that need by incorporating a special, unified design of gears, shaft, and bearings in the lower unit that allow the outboard to operate reliably and efficiently in either direction. Available on both the DF175AP and DF150AP, counter-rotation operation requires an optional activation switch that connects to a circuit inside of the engine compartment plus the installation of a counterrotation propeller.
High 10.2:1 Compression Ratio and Largest in Class Displacement
Compression and displacement each play important roles in delivering performance and power output. Displacement has a direct effect on acceleration and torque so a bigger displacement is generally going to deliver more of both. Higher compression ratios allow the engine to get more output out of the combustion process resulting in noticeable improvements in performance and power. Drawing on our extensive motorsports experience and expertise in building race engines, Suzuki engineers have combined a 2,867cm3 displacement (the largest in each outboard’s class) with a high compression ratio of 10.2:1 to obtain great performance from these compact engines.
Recommended Transom Height (mm) L: 508, X: 635
Weight (kg*) L: 236, X: 241
Engine type DOHC 16-Valve
Piston Displacement (cm³) 2,867
Maximum Output (kw) 110.3
Steering Remote (DBW)
Recommended Fuel RON91 / AKI87
Alternator 12V 44A
Gear Ratio 2.50 : 1
Exhaust Through Prop Hub Exhaust
Starting system Electric
Cylinders In-line 4
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Fuel Injection
Bore X Stroke (mm) 97 x 97
Full Throttle Operating Range (rpm) 5,000 - 6,000
Oil Pan Capacity (L) 8
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) -
Trim Method Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Shift F-N-R
Propeller Selection (Pitch) 15" - 27.5" (R/R), 17" - 26" (C/R)